While, on average, only 10% of couples in long term committed relationships in the UK met online a whopping average of 72% of those surveyed in the USA stated they met someone online they later ended up in a long term committed relationship with.

Obviously, statistics vary hugely according to their source, to the culture & society surveyed & to the population surveyed as well as the survey itself, but there's no getting away from the fact that a great many people in 'western' countries use dating apps when looking for a medium or long term relationship. Granted, many, most?, use dating apps for more casual connections but what I'm focusing on here is relationship, whatever that happens to mean to those involved.

Psychology & research data from other fields give us a really good picture of what works when it comes to using apps & what doesn't. After all, there's a LOT of money to be made in online dating apps & so there's a large amount of research data available for those who know where to look for it & how to use it to maximise their experience. 

For example, we know what attracts women looking to date men, as well as women looking to date other women, we know what works for men hoping to attract or pursue women as well as men hoping to attract or pursue other men - and these are very different sets of characteristics as well as very different types of online profiles!

If like 10s of 1000s of others, you're hoping to meet someone or several special people on a dating app, why not let the abundant data & a relationship therapist with over 3 & a half decades of professional education, training & experience help you to maximise your online dating experience in order to meet people for relationships? Why not give yourself every available opportunity for success? (whatever success means to you)

The term relationship here could mean long term committed, it could mean monogamous or consensually non monogamous, it could mean traditional marriage, it could mean something more casual but ultimately it is an ongoing relationship you're seeking not a one-off experience or casual encounter. We'll get clear on what you're looking for in the first session.

The package is simple. We meet for 5 x 60 minute Zoom sessions over the course of several weeks or months with the purpose of maximising your chances of meeting like minded & like hearted people & getting you to a safe, great & successful first date, regardless of outcome (knowing someone isn't right for you is also a 'success'!).

Session 1: Assessment of your needs, desires, dating & relationship history as well as current dating & relationship goals. From here, we devise a plan for the following weeks/months.

Session 2: Putting your profile together. Using available & abundant research data we craft a profile unique to you according to your age, sex, sexual orientation and, most importantly, the age, sex & sexual orientation of those you are hoping to meet as well as which apps will suit your needs best in terms of location & demographics, as well as the type of relationship you're hoping to build & create.

Session 3: Getting you online. Here, we'll choose the platforms most suited to your needs & desires based on where you live, who you are & who you're looking for & we'll get those profiles up & running. Not all dating apps are suitable for all people who are online dating - different apps attract & are successful for different people.

Session 4: Engaging with strangers! It's a strange thing for many of us, meeting & speaking with people we don't know online. However, once again, data tell us clearly what gives us a great start in those interactions & what early behaviour is likely to result in 'failure'. First impressions not only count but they are also a predictor of how the connection will continue, or not!, over time.

Session 5: First dates. In this session we'll talk about & explore what makes for a great, safe, & successful first date regardless of outcome, what the research tells us is likely to work well for you based on your age, sex, sexual orientation &, most importantly, the nature of the relationship/s you're looking to create & build. Don't forget, that realising someone isn't a good match for you is also a 'success'.

Additional sessions are potentially available as ongoing support if appropriate.

There is time commitment involved here, this is something you will need to invest time, money & energy in both during & between sessions with Beth but if you're serious about meeting one or more 'special' people online isn't it worth that investment? Aren't YOU & your relationships worth that investment? I believe so!

The cost of 5 x 60 minute one to one online video sessions, including communications between sessions, all homework & resource materials etc of €450 & is payable in full in advance. It is non-refundable. Sessions can be recorded for you own personal use &, obviously, there is no guarantee of 'success' in terms of being in a relationship at the end of the process but we will use all the data & experience available to support you to give it your best possible shot at this time!

Email to inquire - space is currently limited.

Last updated: 26/02/2024