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Online Dating for the over 50s. Irish Business Post, April 2022. (subscriber only)

''Is Monogamy Dead?'' RTE TV documentary about non-monogamy with Vogue Williams

Campus - The Main Challenges Facing Consent Workshops in Ireland - October 21st 2018

Evoke - Viewers React to 'Mind-Blowing' Vogue Williams Show About Polyamory - September 13th 2018

Robime April 2018 - Interview with Jana Sefcikova, Beth is mentioned as an 'inspirational woman'. 

Irish Independent January 7th 2018 - Top 50 Tips For Being Happy Healthy 2018

Starting Point October 21st 2017 - The Toxicity of Shame

Irish Independent October 4th 2017 - What it feels like to have more than one partner

The Irish Times May 12th 2017 - A FF TD told us he'd arranged an abortion for his niece, but he was against abortion (while Beth is not named in the piece she is one of the 50 Faces)

Irish Independent January 26th 2017 - Are You Ready To Get Sexperimental?

The Irish Sun January 5th 2017 - When will Irish people shake off our fear of talking about sex?

The College View November 30th 2016 - UCC Hosts 25th Annual Pink Training

Pink Training - a weekend of insightful workshops - Trinity News 28th November 2016

October 7th 2015 Evening Herald interview

Irish Independent interview, 7th October 2015

October 5th 2015 Irish Independent - Bare; Sexual Fantasies of Irish Women (an edited, fictional story of Beth's is included) 

Irish Examiner, 5th October 2015, Irish women's sexual fantasies laid bare, Bare; Sexual Fantasies of Irish Women (a, heavily edited, fictional story of Beth's is included) 

Ryan Tubridy, RTE 2FM, July 14th 2015

9th July 2015 William Crawley, BBC NI

25th June 2015 The Last Word with Matt Cooper, Today FM

Irish Independent, Female Viagra, 10th June 2015

TEDx Clonakilty October 25th 2014, speaker, ''Sexuality: Bliss is Your Birthright!'' (Video is currently unavailable)

8th September 2014 TEDx: Ideas Worth Spreading

Sexual Healing On Menu At Conference - 18th June, 2014, Irish Examiner

The Women Willing to Invest in their Sexual Satisfaction - 11th July 2014 - Irish Independent 

26th September 2013 - RTE 2 TV, Maia Dunphy's What Women Want

Irish Independent, October 17th 2012 - ''I'm 40, childless and loving it!'' 

Newstalk Radio - 21st July 2012

February 15th 2012 The Last Word with Matt Cooper

Sunshine Radio - 14th February 2012

12th February 2012 - Sex? No thanks, we're Irish - The Journal column (text below)

1st December 1999 - The Irish Times - AIDS Increasing Fastest Among Young Heterosexual Women

Column: Sex? No, thanks, we're Irish -  The Journal Sunday 12th February 2012 by Beth Wallace