Harvest Moon is a suite of resources, both online & in-person, designed to support women over 35 to consciously prepare in mind, body & 'soul' for perimenopause & menopause.

Menopause & perimenopause are still, unfortunately, cloaked in much mystery & misunderstanding, this is for a number of reasons.

In part, women's reproductive & hormonal health as it relates to perimenopause & menopause has been very poorly studied when compared, for example, to women's reproductive health in relation to becoming pregnant & maintaining pregnancies - there is often perceived value in reproduction & women of reproductive age & often less perceived value, in general, when reproduction is no longer possible & women are no longer of reproductive age.

While there is much more research data available now in comparison to a generation ago there is still much we don't know about how & why women's bodies change at this time in life & what that impact is as we continue on aging. Caroline Criado Perez's book, Invisible Women, is a great read for those wanting to understand the disparity in data when it comes to women's & men's health.

Equally, contrary to popular opinion!, the body is only part of the story of perimenopause & menopause, our mental wellbeing & psychological health can be even more impactful at this time & here is where there's a real deficit of information, awareness & support. Here is, also, where Beth's strengths lie in terms of preparing psychologically for perimenopause & menopause, especially when it comes to our intimate relationships & sexuality.

It's very much worth remembering that in many of our ancient cultures, & still today in some, this time of transition in a woman's life was prepared for & celebrated as she moved from the possibility of child-bearing, whether she did or not, into the keeping of that wisdom within her & towards becoming a respected & valued elder within her community, what some might call her 'crone' years - though for perimenopausal & menopausal women, 'cronedom' is a long way away!

In 'western' societies we have, largely, lost touch with this thread that can be traced back to the dawn of human time, we have lost connection with the potency & power of the initiatory value of this time not only in a woman's life but also in her family & community. Harvest Moon aims to reconnect us with that power & potency individually & as communities of women, as well as the communities those women are part of.


Currently, the suite includes:

Circles which are usually small events of between 13 & 30 women lasting between 4 & 6 hours, email info@bethwallace.org to invite Beth to facilitate a Harvest Moon Circle in your local area or with your existing group.

Online Courses - The next online course is Fanning the Flames, a 30 day programme for women aged 35-55 designed to keep the flames of desire alive throughout the menopause years. 

Retreats are an opportunity to dive more deeply into the Harvest Moon material with the immersive retreat experience supporting that process. Retreats are held for approximately 5-6 nights and can be held in, almost!, any part of the world.
Email info@bethwallace.org if you would like to invite Beth to hold a retreat in your local area or for your existing group.

One-to-One Support - Beth is available for private online sessions to support women to prepare privately & at their own pace, this usually takes the shape of 10-12 fortnightly one hour sessions via Zoom. Email info@bethwallace.org to inquire.

Last updated 05/10/23