For some women menopause is an initiation, a deep rite of passage, for others it's a relief at the end of regular & debilitating pain, for some women there's grief at the end of their reproductive years and for other women that same event brings joy, whether they may have had children or not, & for most of us there are several emotions, some of which conflict with each other! No response is 'right' & none are 'wrong'.

What we can do, & this is what Harvest Moon aims to equip participants with, is be as prepared as we can for this significant life changing event in our bodies, our relationships, our mental health & overall wellbeing as women - not just prepared for it, but also seeing the opportunities that this stage of our life offers.


Perimenopause & menopause shapes, shifts & alters how we relate to ourselves & our own bodies, it alters how we relate to our partner/s, friends & family as well as life itself.

We have opportunities our ancient ancestors didn't. It's only since the 19th century that the average life expectancy for women in the 'western' world rose above 40 years old. Surviving menopause, for the majority of women, is relatively new in the evolution of our species & we have the opportunity now to not just survive it but to thrive, entering a phase of life that, while different & new, can be as rich & creative, as well as sexually & sensually fulfilling, as our life before menopause. And yet, where & how do we learn how to do that?

This is how Harvest Moon differs from other menopause related programmes

Simply put, because my area of considerable expertise, for over 3 decades, is in the field of adult relationships, intimacy, sexuality & sex, this programme is focusing on relationships, both with ourselves & others, as well as sensuality, intimacy & sexuality. These are topics that many other menopause programmes either don't explore or perhaps explore quietly. The programme is relevant to & suitable for women who are single or in relationship/s as well as women of any sexual orientation.

While other programmes are, mostly, general in their approach ours is more specific. We'll be looking at some of the same issues that many other progammes explore, such as physiological changes, mental health, diet, medication, 'natural' approaches, exercise, communication, creativity & much more but all through the lens of relationships, intimacy, sexuality & sensuality. You don't need to be in an intimate relationship with anyone else to take part because you're already in a relationship with yourself & with life.

The programme in practical terms....

16 hours of live Zoom calls with Beth & other experts in the fields of medicine, sexual health & relationships. Zoom calls are on Thursday at 9pm CET (Central European Time) from February 3rd to March 24th. Calls are not recorded for confidentiality & privacy reasons.

A printable workbook to support your inner emotional & cognitive journeys as well as the journey of your body over the 9 weeks & beyond.

A secret Facebook group with daily posts & discussions following weekly topics while also building community & sisterhood. Here is where we continue & add to the conversation between Zoom calls.

We'll open our secret Facebook group on Thursday January 27th 2022 & close it Thursday March 30th - registration is open until February 1st or all places have been filled, whichever happens first!

We'll gather via Zoom for approximately 2 hours every Thursday for 8 weeks from Thursday February 3rd through to & including Thursday March 24th - for the sake of confidentiality Zoom calls will not be recorded so the physical presence of participants is expected, where possible.

Group Zoom calls will be at 9pm CET (Central European Time), Click here to convert to your time zone. Calls will last between 90 minutes & 2 hours & we'll be joined on several of those Zoom calls by professional experts, including a family doctor & clinical herbalist, who'll be sharing their knowledge & answering questions in order to support your conscious preparation for menopause.

The secret Facebook group is another crucial part of the programme, if you don't have a FB account, for whatever reason, I encourage you to set one up, even temporarily, for the duration of the programme as without the group a lot of information will be missed as well as the community building & sharing aspects of the programme - really, it's essential.

This is a small group, a maximum of 24 of us will come together for the 9 weeks of the programme.

The group is open to any English speaking woman over the age of 40 who has not yet, but will in the future have, reached menopause. For the purposes of our programme, menopause is defined as the time when it's been 12 months since a woman's last menstrual bleed.

There is no upper age limit, the only requirement is that you have not yet, but will at some point in the future have, reached menopause. Women of all nationalities, all religions & none, all sexual orientations, mothers & child-free women are all welcome.

If you have any concerns as to whether this group is suitable for you or not please feel free to email info@bethwallace.org with your questions.

The programme is for women over 40 who want to consciously prepare for menopause,
whether they are already perimenopausal or not.

We'll be using evidence-based materials from a number of sources, medical & psychological, to learn about & actively prepare for this transition. My experience is that while perimenopause & menopause can be challenging & difficult times in the lives of many women, especially when it comes to intimacy, sexuality & relationships, there are a great many things that can be done to mitigate & minimise, & in some cases remove altogether, some of those challenges & experience this transition in a conscious way, this will be the focus of our attention.

The Facebook group will be a place where resources - books, videos, websites etc - will be shared on all topics relevant to the group. It will also be a forum for open & honest discussion. Posts from me & other presenters will be evidence-based. Participants are completely free & actively encouraged to share thoughts, feelings, observations & to introduce topics of conversation though the programme will follow a topic per week & participants will receive the broad outline of the programme in the first week.

In terms of time, the amount of time to invest will be approximately 3 hours each week - just over two hours for the live weekly Zoom call, maybe another half hour for reading of that weeks' materials & completing the workbook activities - if you choose, with another half hour, or more if you wish, engaging in the conversations & discussions in the Facebook group. The FB group is a crucial part of the programme & I want to encourage participants to make the most of the time-limited opportunity of the group as is possible.

In terms of financial investment, the full cost of the programme, including 16 hours of Zoom calls, unlimited access to the Facebook group for the 2 months it's running, as well as all content shared, including the printable workbook, is €297 if payment in full is made before December 31st 2021 & €360 if payment is made in January 2022.
Installment payment is possible & payment is fully refundable in the unlikely event that the course does not go ahead. payment in other circumstances is non-refundable.

Email info@bethwallace.org to inquire & book.



We will be joined by 4 guest presenters during the programme, it's my aim that each presenter will share some of their own unique knowledge according to their own sphere of expertise & each will also be available for a live Q & A session after their presentation. 

I'll share more with the group about each presenter before their session so that participants have an opportunity to prepare questions in advance to make the most of the time available.

Each guest presenter joins us for approximately one hour of 4 Zoom calls.

I have carefully chosen professional presenters with significant expertise to speak to several different aspects of perimenopause;

- the body, how it will change & how we can be best prepared for that whether we choose modern medicine, a more 'natural' approach or both

- how the mind will change, biologically as well as emotionally & psychologically, including from a 'shadow' perspective, what the psychologist Carl Jung called 'the unconscious mind'

Dr. Madeleine Ní Dhálaigh

Madeleine is well known in Ireland for her work on women's reproductive heath care, she's a strong pro-choice advocate for women's autonomy in many spheres.

Sarah Taylor

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