People in all sorts of relationships of a wide variety of ages & backgrounds seek the services of a relationship & sexuality professional, and, for a wide variety of reasons too. In Beth's experience, the reasons why people in relationships come to see her usually fall into one of two broad categories;

- relationships that are struggling with some difficulties or challenges, relationships that are changing or transitioning, relationships that feel as if they are ''in trouble'' & that the support of a professional may help navigate these challenging waters


- relationships that are, in general, doing great & those in the relationship want to solidify & maintain that positive healthy relationship to ensure it doesn't run into ''trouble'' in the future, & to perhaps explore new territory, emotionally and/or sexually alone and/or with each other & deepen further into the relationship.

Beth is equally comfortable working, & has experience with, both.

Beth has particular areas of expertise that draw some clients to her rather than going to see other therapists, she has particular expertise in:

- consensual non-monogamy; if you are a ''thruple'' or triad, there are more than 3 people in your relationship configuration/s or you are an individual interested in consensual open relating please know Beth's services are equally available to you & she is experienced in working with many different kinds of consensual open & polyamorous relationship models for nearly a decade


- sex & sexuality and how it weaves through our intimate, sexual & romantic relationships. This can often be a tricky area for many therapists to navigate, it's one she is very comfortable with as she's spent the best part of 32 years immersed in working professionally with the topic in a variety of contexts.

Beth usually works with people in relationships in one or more of the following ways:

- one-off education or information based sessions, these can be online via Messenger, Zoom or in-person.

- in-person for ongoing 'therapy' or 'coaching'; in this instance usually a minimum of 4 sessions is booked, after the initial consultation, in order to allow some time to delve into the issues to explore them more fully

- through intensives, retreats or workshops - more information on those is available by clicking here to go to the Events page.

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Updated: 18/08/19