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Beth is often asked to recommend practitioners for one-to-one sessions, workshops & trainings - click here for some information on the types of services available & some points to consider when choosing a practitioner or workshop. 

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Are you concerned that you, or someone you know, may be in an abusive relationship? Not sure where the boundaries are or should be? The website below is Irish but the information about abuse in relationships will apply globally.
Too Into You - Discover the signs of dating abuse


Please note the following is listed alphabetically, is not exhaustive & is added to on a regular basis.

Beth's YouTube Channel
The channel has a wide variety of playlists on subjects such as tantra, consent, relationships, consensual non-monogamy, BDSM & much more. The channel is usually updated on a weekly basis.

Brook Advisory
''Free & confidential information for the under 25s.'' 
UK based.

The Good Men Project
''We are a community of 21st Century thought leaders around the issue of men’s roles in modern life. We explore the world of men and manhood in a way that no media company ever has, tackling the issues and questions that are most relevant to men’s lives. We write about fatherhood, family, sex, ethics, war, gender, politics, sports, pornography, and aging.'' Based in the USA but working internationally.

Our Bodies Ourselves - women's health & sexuality
''Women's Health Resource Centre.''

Sense About Sex
''A website for quality information and education about sexual practices, sexuality, and sexualisation.''

Sexual Abuse or Assault (recovering from)
I strongly recommend that you connect with an organisation or group that is physically near you, one where the staff and/or volunteers are trained to meet your needs at this time - this might be a Rape Crisis Centre or similar. 
Where you live & who you are may effect which organisation is best able to meet your needs - obviously I can't list all possibilities here but a Google search should give you the information you need. 

Make sure you find out who the group is for, does this fit with what you need at this time? For example, does the organisation only work with children, or only with women, or is it mixed, this may influence how you feel about it's suitability for you. Is there a financial cost involved in accessing those supports? Is the cost one you can afford? What training do the people in the organisation have? Is their service the kind of support you need right now? Don't assume that just because a service calls itself something that it will be what you need - unfortunately. 

If you are an English speaker then I can recommend this FREE resource to you, it's called ''Caring for Yourself After Sexual Violence'', it's a self-development course & is available by clicking on the highlighted text above.

Sexual Wellbeing
''is a sexual health & crisis pregnancy information website run by the Irish Health Services Executive, an Irish governmental organisation. There is are four main sections; one on sexual health, one on crisis pregnancy, one for parents & one for professionals, including information on training in the field. A specific unplanned pregnancy service, including information on how to access an abortion in Ireland, is available by clicking here.''

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance
''Affirming sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.'' Based in the USA.

::: Erotica :::
Content note - 18 years and older only!
Pornography is something Beth is frequently asked about both because of the nature of her work & the fact that she is a twice published erotica author. The pornography conversation is a long & complex one, however, she feels reasonably comfortable recommending the following resources to adults seeking to explore the imaginary realms of the visual, literary & auditory erotic as alternatives to 'mainstream' porn. Finally, it can't be stated strongly enough, pornography or erotica is not sex education - it is fantasy, entertainment, both or something else, but education? never.

Bright Desire 

''Bright Desire is a celebration of sex. It’s a deliberate attempt to show all the good stuff that we love about sex – intimacy, laughter, connection and real pleasure. It’s also about enhancing and exploring fantasy – because our brains are just as important to our sex lives as our genitals.''

Erika Lust 
''Erika Lust never imagined that she would end up becoming a writer, producer and director of erotic films. She realized that female voices were practically non-existent within the porn industry, it seemed a genre and a business made by men for men, and she decided that a change was necessary.''

* Erotica Readers & Writers Association
An international community of men and women interested in the provocative world of erotica and sensual pleasures.

* I Feel Myself
''Welcome to our corner of the web, where we’ve been busy making real, natural, and ethical representations of female self-pleasure. IFM is designed to appeal to anyone interested in an intense study of the female orgasm.''

I Shot Myself
''Project_ISM is a public forum for self expression through nude portraiture. By removing the photographer and studio from the process, contributors are able to create their own experience and explore the medium in their own time and space. This freedom results in images that are much more intimate, expressive, and candid than any photographer could create at arm's length. Not every portrait is genius but each image is unique and personal, revealing far more than the body of a woman; it is the diversity of imagination that makes each image truly original.''

* Make Love Not Porn
''MakeLoveNotPorn is a Cindy Gallop production. I date younger men, usually in their 20s, and came up with the idea for MakeLoveNotPorn based on direct personal experience. I launched MakeLoveNotPorn at TED 2009''

* Sensate Films ''produce premium-quality erotic media for web, screen, and print. Our work values process over product, aesthetic reverence for diverse forms of human intimacy, and hybridized modes of storytelling – blending fantasy with documentary, the self-conscious with the un-conscious, and the many shapes of the ‘real’.''


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