One off consultations - these are usually information, education & advice based where the client has specific questions that can be addressed in a one hour appointment.
Email to discuss & book.

Longer term sessions - sometimes issues arise or events happen in life that invite us to spend time inquiring into & unraveling them in order to live more freely & fully.
Beth sees clients for ongoing relationship, intimacy & psychosexual as well as 'regular' therapy, counselling & coaching, this can be over several weeks, months or even years, including clients that return after gaps of months or years if their lives take a turn that means support would be beneficial again.

Equally, many of Beth's clients are in a 'good place' in their life & they would like to explore ways to maintain good mental & relational health & wellbeing. Beth enjoys supporting individuals & couples on this path!

Sessions are generally on a weekly or fortnightly basis & usually a minimum of 12 sessions are booked at a time with an initial one hour one-off consultation to begin with to see if both parties feel like there is a good fit between them.
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Professional consultations - these are for colleagues working in the same, similar or a different professional field who want to learn from Beth's expertise. Beth is also available for ongoing supervision for professional colleagues working in allied fields.
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All online sessions are held via Zoom, a free-to-download & use video conference platform. Beth chose Zoom, & pays for the professional package, as it has a high level of encryption & is therefore very secure for private & personal conversations. Other platforms are possible if necessary & Beth is often happy to work without video as for some clients sound only is a better & more useful way of working. Beth works in several time zones in order to, where possible, facilitate clients from the Americas & Canada as well as much of Europe, Africa, & occasionally New Zealand & Australia too.


If you're looking for information about private sessions for couples, or those in relationship with more than one person, as consensual non-monogamy is an area of expertise for Beth, click here.

Finally, the Client Info. page is a must-read for all new & returning clients, it contains information on the Client Charter, Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy, Rates etc, click here to read it

Updated: 30/01/23