Sisters; do not become slaves to philosophies & beliefs, especially not your own

I witness so many beautiful, & perfect in my eyes, women spending money & time they cannot really afford on trainings, workshops, & practices in pursuit of an ideal, of something other than what they are, in the belief that they are flawed & imperfect in some way, and that these experiences, trainings, workshops & practices will help them become the woman they were ''always meant to be''. 

''Find the authentic goddess within'', ''step closer to who you really are'', ''step into your power'' etc, you know the type! And while the intention behind such events may be beautiful, the language that is used to promote them is reinforcing the belief that women are less than what they could, or should, be, that women are not quite all that they are capable of being, that they, we, can be more divine, more sexy, more goddess-like, more powerful, more free, more peaceful, more, more, MORE! fundamentally, different to how we are now, because that is, frankly, not goddessy & great enough.

I'm calling bullshit.

What I see the new age goddess & neotantra, and more, communities selling, because know they ARE selling you something, is an image of how a woman who gets to be called ''goddess'' is supposed to be - how she moves in the world, how she relates to her sisters, brothers & the planet, how she looks & behaves, what she believes, the entirety of who and how she is, in fact.

Who doesn't want to feel like a goddess, be viewed by others as one? even if we don't use that language it is the honouring, the respect, the admiration & veneration as women, females, human beings that we deeply desire. After millennia of patriarchy EVERY woman wants that! (OK, I don't and can't speak for ''every'' woman, of course, but I doubt there are many who do not want to feel those both within & coming towards her from others given how life is for most women in the world)

She is sexually juiced up all the time, she is at peace in her heart, she is all namaste & sparkly sex magick, she attends workshops to deal with her shit. She's ''conscious'' and ''awake''. When did the words ''conscious'' and ''awake'' get appropriated to mean something other than what they are generally accepted to mean & turned into a term of judgement of oneself & others? When we say one person is ''conscious'' or ''awake'' we immediately imply, simply by our use of language, that others are not - nice way to passive aggressively create division between people!

I have news, she does not need to play by anyone else's rules in any regard, nor does she need to be defined by anyone else, this is patriarchal bullshit under a sweeter & more palatable, so called ''spiritual'', guise than in previous centuries. Do not be fooled sisters, brothers too of course, you are free to explore & express in the ways that feel right to you. Let no one tell you how you should be, look, act, dress, think.

If you desire ritual in your life do not look to others to create it & then hero worship them for it, become the manifester of your own magick.

You are not flawed, damaged, nor in need of healing - if you believe you are, & you pursue that which you believe will ''heal'' you, then you simply reinforce the idea of your brokenness in that very pursuit.

You are perfect.

I deeply desire for you to rest into the full knowledge of that truth, painful as it may be, because there are 1000s of people around the world only delighted to take 1000s of your euros, dollars, pounds, as well as days, weeks & months of your precious life trying to convince you that there's a better way for you to be you.

Don't fall for it, sisters & brothers, you are what you are, you need not be any different to that which you are unless YOU wish to be.

Do not become a slave to philosophies & beliefs, especially not your own.

| First published 29th May 2016 |

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