Beth is delighted to offer several different types of lectures, workshops & talks as well as bespoke options to suit the needs of specific groups; email to discuss & book.

With 3 decades experience in creating, delivering & evaluating workshops & talks that are sensitive to cultural difference, differing physical abilities, varying levels of ability in terms of reading & writing etc, as well as facilitating & working with a very wide range of groups & communities Beth is ideally placed to work with many different groups & in diverse contexts on topics relating to sexuality & adult intimate relationships.

f you'd like to book Beth for a lecture, talk or workshop, on a topic whether it's listed or not, email to inquire, she's happy to create bespoke options within her broad area of expertise & if you're seeking an input on a topic outside her area of expertise she will likely know another professional to refer you to.

Continue scrolling down for more information on some of the following workshops & talks:

The Pleasure Principle
An Introduction to Consensual Non-monogamy
The Anatomy of Female Erotic Arousal
The Anatomy of Male Erotic Arousal
The Art of Conscious Loving Touch
Sex Box
Red Tents & Women's Circles
Sex Outside The Box
The Art of Intimacy
The Art of Devotion

Bliss is Your Birthright!
Not All Porn Is Created Equal
Awakening The Senses Ritual
The Art of Tantric Massage for Couples

The Pleasure Principle can be customised as a short talk, lecture or discussion based workshop over the course of a few hours, or a guided embodied experience over the course of a day or two. It is suitable for over 18s only &, depending on content, suitable for groups of any size from 8 people upwards.

Beth strongly believes, and evidence shows, that our most important sexual relationship is with ourselves, it is from the foundation of this, the only relationship we have for the full duration of our lives, that all other sexual & intimate relationships grow.

Our relationships with ourselves will be reflected in our relationship with others, for example; if our self pleasure practice or masturbation focuses only on a quick genital-focused peak orgasmic release then, often, our sexual experiences with others will also be orgasm & genital focused, whereas if our self pleasure practices are about experiencing pleasure for pleasure's sake, in a variety of ways not solely genital, then this will also be reflected in our love making & sexual experiences with others, making them richer, deeper, more fulfilling, erotic & sensual.
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An Introduction to Consensual Non-monogamy
can be offered as both a presentation of approximately one hour, including Q & A, or a mini workshop of between 1.5 and 3 hours. Various forms of consensual non-monogamy are explained, questions answered, and the participant group invited to explore their own thoughts & feelings in relation to what they've heard & their own experience. This is a discussion based event open to anyone over the age of 18 with conversational English. Email info@bethwallace to inquire.

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The Anatomy of Female Erotic Arousal can be delivered as a talk or lecture of an hour, including Q & A, or a workshop of several hours & includes information that you definitely didn't learn in school! When we receive sex education, if we do, it usually medicalises sexuality & teaches solely about reproduction & biology not about pleasure. 
The purpose of this talk or workshop is to educate & inform about how female bodies experience erotic arousal, what can get in the way of it & what can support prolonged & deeper experience of erotic arousal. This is a clothes-on hands-off discussion based workshop/talk open to over 18s only.
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The Anatomy of Male Erotic Arousal can be delivered as a talk or lecture of an hour, including Q & A, or a workshop of several hours & includes information that you definitely didn't learn in school! It's purpose is to educate & inform about how male bodies experience erotic arousal, what can stand (ahem) in the way of it & what can support prolonged & deeper experience of erotic arousal. It can be given to a mixed or single sex group, a university society, a community group, a group of friends or even a 'hen' party or similar event. This is a clothes-on hands-off discussion based event open to over 18s only.

Email to inquire.

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Sex Box is a short, fun, safe & interactive session of between 40 minutes & one hour that offers participants an opportunity to anonymously & confidentially ask questions of a 'sexpert' and have them answered to the whole group in real time. Sex Box is ideally suited either to small groups of up to 30 participants or as a time-limited add-on to another workshop or lecture, participants must be over 18. This short input is ideal for group of people who don't know each other or who may feel some embarrassment asking personal questions in a public environment - it is particularly popular in schools & universities.
No topic is off the table in Sex Box & no question is ''stupid''.
Sex Box can also be offered in pre-recorded or live video online via Skype, Messenger or Zoom - email to inquire.

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Red Tents & Women's Circles are something that have come back into mainstream ''western'' consciousness in recent years, they are spaces for women to meet, to talk, share & learn about women's experience while building women's community & sisterhood - the events that Beth holds focus mostly, though not solely, on issues relating to sex, sexuality and adult relationships so vary quite considerably from most 'red tent' experiences. They are deeply nourishing & nurturing events that usually take place over the course of 3 - 4 hours, include food to be shared, and are ideally suited to a group of between 8 & 30 women depending on the space available - email to inquire.

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Sex Outside The Box is a general discussion based workshop on  behaviours & practices that are generally perceived to be ''outside the box'' of societal 'norms'. This is a 2-3 hour workshop open to anyone over the age of 18 suitable for groups of 10 to 100 or more depending on the setting, time available & environment; it is particularly popular in universities, schools & with youth groups. The aim of the workshop is to explore what societal 'norms' are in relation to sex, sexuality & adult relationship, what shapes these 'norms' & how life might be for those living both inside & outside that box.

The perspective here is that there is no 'right' way to be sexual, as long as consent is present, so those who choose to explore open relationships, for example, are as welcome as those choosing to delay sexual contact until religious &/or legal marriage.

''Good quality, evidence based, sex education should not be the preserve of those with any one particular set of morals or values, it should be equally available to all'' - Beth Wallace
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Bliss is Your Birthright - the inspiring story of Beth's personal & professional journey from sexual trauma to freedom & power
This TED style talk, with Q & A session at the end, tells the fascinating & inspirational story of Beth's journey from her birth in an Irish Mother & Baby Home to an unmarried mother - the most shameful experience for a woman in 1960s Ireland, her experience of childhood sexual abuse, addiction, the trauma of rape, experiencing abortion and more to becoming one of Ireland's most respected & well known sexuality practitioners.

Beth has been quietly, and sometimes not so quietly!, involved in some of the major shifts in recent decades in Ireland in relation to sex & sexuality; an advisor to the Equality Authority in it's establishment phase, Chairperson of Ireland's largest ever NGO for lesbian & bisexual women, Education Officer, for nearly a decade, with Ireland's largest & oldest HIV organisation, the first Irish woman to come out in the mainstream media (TV in this case) as bisexual, and much more, she has consistently worked towards the dropping of personal shame, the changing of governmental policy & the shifting of public attitudes in relation to these complex & challenging issues for 30 years. Beth's is a story of fierce courage & determination worth being told & worth listening to. This talk can also be offered in live online video format via Zoom, Skype or Messenger.
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Consensual non-monogamy has become both much more widely known about in recent years, and possibly because it's become more widely known more people seem to feel comfortable being open about either exploring the idea or the fact that they are consensual non-monogamists.

Beth has personally been practicing consenual non-monogamy for nearly a decade while also working with individuals & couples to support them to explore the concept & work through some of it's challenges, as well as navigating these new & often surprising relationship paths. It can be difficult to find useful information about these relationship paths & more importantly, it can be challenging to find both the right information & support if you are navigating these paths - we are not taught in school, nor usually elsewhere, how to have healthy & happy monogamous relationships let alone consensually non-monogamous ones & it is, in most countries, outside the cultural 'norm' and so support to 'do it well' can be enormously beneficial. 

If you're interested in a talk, lecture or workshop, or indeed a one to one or couples sessions, on consensual non-monogamy email to inquire.
Beth is also in the process of developing some courses that individuals & couples can take online, at the pace they wish & in the privacy of their own home, to explore the world of consensual non-monogamy & how best to navigate a new relationship path. Sign up for her newsletter or 'like' her Facebook page so you don't miss out on developments!

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Not All Porn Is Created Equal can be presented in either a talk or workshop format. The talk is approximately one hour, including Q & A, & looks, briefly, at the history of pornography, the concept of male & female ''gaze'', but mostly the worlds of feminist & 'ethical' porn & how it is, substantially, different to 'mainstream' porn. 

The workshop adds to this basic information by spending some time examining, through small and/or large group discussion, the group's experiences of & opinions about pornography, how it has shaped sexual exploration & expression. This is a topic of growing interest to young people who have grown up with pornography as a, often very confusing, form of sex education in the absence of 'real' sex education.

The purpose is not to condemn pornography nor the watching of it, but to educate as to the fact that what an internet search throws up is not the only pornography that exists, and that engaging in & enjoying visual erotic media can be done in a way that is respectful both of all producers & consumers, while at the same time acknowledging that pornography is not a place to look for nor receive sex education. 
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