Harvest Moon Women's Circle Berlin

In ancient times the major life transitions for women, such as puberty, childbirth & menopause, were, & still are in many cultures, marked by ritual gatherings of female relatives, friends & community members. In many parts of 'the west' we have lost these powerful and nourishing rites of passage that strengthen not only individual women but also their families and communities as well as honouring the environment in which they live.

Harvest Moon Circles aim to offer an intentional & deliberate taste of this rite of passage into & through menopause to small groups of women.

Beth & Dee, both Dublin women, are firmly & deeply rooted in their ancestral Irish lineage while also both currently living in other European countries; Dee in Berlin, Germany & Beth in Granada, Spain.

The Circle is being held at Samhain time, a time in the ancient Gaelic (Irish) calendar traditionally associated with ancestors, with death & dying in order for rest and rebirth to happen, it is the ancient Gaelic new year & an uncertain liminal space - a perfect time for a dive into An Brionn Dorcha (The Dark Womb). The date of Samhain changes every year as the ancient festivals are calculated according to the movements of the stars & planets not a date on a calendar - Samhain in 2022 is November 7th.

Through movement, story, meditation, ceremony, art & some input we aim to gently & firmly guide you in Circle towards a deeper more conscious journey with your own perimenopause/menopause.

We aim to ask questions that support you to know yourself more deeply rather than give answers.
We aim to offer tools that you can take away with you to use on your own continued journey.
We aim to create a luscious space in which you can rest, explore, connect with yourself & other women at a similar life stage.

The Circle is limited to 13 participants - it's important to us that it's intimate and there's time to experience this journey at a leisurely pace in a world that is often too-fast-paced.
The Circle will be held in English & is open to any woman over the age of 40 who has yet to, but will in the future, enter into menopause. The average age of menopause is 51 with the average perimenopause lasting approximately 4 years but potentially up to 10 years for some women.
Menopause is defined as having taken place one calendar year since the last menstrual bleed - technically, menopause is one single day with every day after that being post-menopause.

The Circle is also open to women who became menopausal up to 2 years previously - for example, if you became officially menopausal at 51 - one calendar year since your last menstrual bleed -  you are welcome to join us up to age 53.
The exact location will be given to participants approximately one week before the event.

The financial contribution for the Circle is €65 & this includes DELICIOUS vegetarian & vegan supper platters as well as hot & cold drinks served half way through the evening. This is an alcohol-free gathering.

The address will be given to the women who've booked approximately one week before the event together with public transport links & driving directions.

Simply email Beth at info@bethwallace.org. Advance booking essential as spaces are limited.

More about Beth
Beth is a qualified psychosexual & relationships therapist, qualified to postgraduate level. Beth has been working in the field for nearly 35 years.
Beth's passionate about 'women's work' & has been running women's circles & events on the topics of sexuality, sex & relationships in many countries for decades.
Since her own menopause in 2019 she has seen just how little accurate & accessible information is available to women and, more importantly perhaps, how few women know there is information they need in order to help them navigate this inevitable stage of life as well, as smoothly & as consciously as possible.

Combining her professional background together with her personal explorations & initiations in several spiritual paths including Tibetan Tantra, Siberian & Peruvian Shamanism &, finally home again to, the ancient Gaelic ways deeply tied to place & ancestry she's delighted to facilitate & support these explorations & journeys for other women.

Simply contact Beth at info@bethwallace.org to book. Advance booking essential as spaces are limited.

More about Dee
Dee Mulrooney is an emerging Irish artist, living and working in Berlin.

Raised working-class in a small nation dominated by Catholicism and men, she now lives as a teacher, a mother, and an artist discovering the joy of playing with taboos and visions of female identity that would until all to recently have seen her locked away.

Her projects span visual art, film, storytelling and theatre.
Her influences are a long list—basically any woman who ever did a damned thing worth doing.

“My art has become a home of sorts, a shelter, a place where I can truly express all the facets of my experience as a human, a woman walking this earth at this crucial time in our existence. Art is my medicine.”

Simply contact Beth at info@bethwallace.org to book. Advance booking essential as spaces are limited.

Last updated: 24/07/22